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Wedding Week Events

We're hosting a few more events in the week leading up to the wedding to bring friends/family together, show visitors the beauty of San Diego and extend the celebrations! Feel free to come to all or none of the events below. More details on each event and how to RSVP will be circulated via email closer to the wedding date.

Wed, June 1st - Scavenger Hunt

Roam around one of Jane's favorite San Diego neighborhoods while making new friends and trading embarrassing stories about the wedding couple (no childhood diaper/nappy photos please...). The scavenger hunt will go for a few hours, followed by drinks, prizes, and an award ceremony at the local kiwi (New Zealand) pub. As the kiwi's say "choice ayy bro!" 

Thurs, June 2nd, Noon -  Day at the Bay!

Join us for the most classic San Diego experience - spending the day barbecuing at Mission Bay while going for an occasional drive on the jetski, wakeboarding run and kayak. Bring your sunscreen, swimsuit & appetite!

Location: Ski Landing, Mission Bay

Time: 12p - 5ish

Thurs, June 2nd, 7pm - Dinner & Drinks in Little Italy

Little Italy is a very vibey part of San Diego that has great people watching, delicious drinks, carbs for days and lots of hand-gesturing. If all goes to plan we will all finish up at our favorite tiki bar relaxing over mai tais!

Sat, June 4th, 4pm - Wedding at the Darlington House

The moment where Jane finally makes an honest man out of Spencer! Get ready for tears, poetry, a bit of live singing and plenty of dancing at our big event

Location: The Darlington House, 7441 Olivetas Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037, United States

Time: 4pm ceremony starts - get there a bit early!

Sun, June 5th, 1pm  -  Recovery Session ("Sesh")

An Australian post-wedding tradition - lets 'lick our wounds' and recover together from the wedding festivities poolside with some soothing music, ciders, bloody marys and micheladas. An opportune chance to reflect on the wonderful wedding week that was!

Location: Nolita Hall, Little Italy

Time: 1pm 

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