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where to eat

I have created a google map of all the places I like to eat in San Diego. If you are the spontaneous type that doesn't want to plan all your meals right now, then this is for you! Go explore and when hunger strikes, pull this up and see what's around that is good.


Mexican Food

Las Cuatro Milpas - get there early

Robertos Taco shop - get the California burritos

El Zarape - get the fish tacos!

Old Town Mexican Cafe - fresh Tortillas

Lola 55

The Taco Stand


Bull's Smokin' BBQ

El Barbecue

Vibey Dinners

Craft & commerce

Seneca Trattoria


Ironside Fish & Oyster

Kindred (vegan!)

Rare Society

Fine Dinning


Born and Raised


False Idol - tiki bar

Communal Coffee

Dark Horse Coffee

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